Essential to thank the guests for their presence at your wedding, at the baptisms of your little ones, or even at communions, the guest gift is a small original attention that will allow your loved ones to remember your beautiful day for a long time…

Honey Pots

For the record, the head of the family (Jean Michel) is a professional beekeeper. With its bees, they produce and harvest excellent varieties of Honey, with a reasoned beekeeping for 25 years. 

So it makes sense for us (beyond frequent use in our pastries) to offer it to you in tiny containers to spoil your guests with a healthy and natural product. 

Honey Pot

Perigord Dordogne Mariage Wedding Cake Dessert

We offer these small jars of honey in 3 sizes:

  • 40-gram-round jars
  • 50-gram hexagonal jars
  • Pots of 140 hexagonal grams
  • Jars of 140 grams jar

You will also need to define the variety of Honey chosen inside. We recommend using these varieties below, as the consistency and colour of Honey will be durable over time, in case your guests don’t consume it right away:

  • Creamy Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Acacia Honey – Tilleul

Perigord Wedding Wedding Cake Gift

We can provide you with customization (labels, ribbon, fabrics,…), and deliver the ready-to-present honey jars where you can take care of them, giving free rein to your imagination.

In this second case, you will have to come and collect the pots a little before, in order to dress them as you wish. We are able to manufacture them up to 2 months before the date of your wedding, and without risking any alteration.

Rates (without customization):

Creamy Honey:

  • Pots of 40 grams: 1,90€
  • Pots of 140 grams: 3.00€

Acacia honey or linden:

  • Pots of 40 grams: 2,20€
  • Pots of 140 grams: 3,50€

For any request for customization, please contact us, we will make you a custom quote according to the desired decorative elements (label, ribbon, cord, fabrics,…)

Boxes of 2 Macarons

Timeless, these small transparent PVC cabinets adapted to food contact always has a small effect on the tables. 

Colors and Flavors of the 2 customizable macaroons , we can by this way match perfectly to the rest of your decoration. 

The ribbon that knots the box is also customizable (choice of color, material,…)

If desired, we can manufacture and supply personalized labels to measure.

It is also possible for us to ship your boxes to you via a fresh produce carrier (additional shipping costs)

Price of the Box without label : 2.90€

Price of the Box with label : 3.30€

Bags 3 Macarons

More rustic and more greedy, these transparent bags with white cardboard background at the base, allow to shelter with stability 3 generous macaroons.

Choice of customizable colors and flavours, as well as the link to close the pouch (ruban, cord, raffia, organza,…)

We can, if desired, manufacture and supply personalized labels to measure.

Price: €3.20 per bag without personalized label

Price: €3.60 per bag with personalized label

Geode macaroons

Original and unique, you are sure to dazzle your guests with these macaroons like precious pieces: The Geodes Macarons.

Customizable colours and flavours.

Price: 1.80€ per unit

Personalized macaroons

What could be more delicate than our macaroons with your initials on it?

We can also write only one, such as your child, or your new family name in common.

Another version is also available with the word “Love”, universal 🙂

You will have the choice of colors and flavors

Price: 1.60€ each


Another little attention much appreciated, our shortbread pure vanilla butter, heart-shaped, covered with a thin layer of fondant and engraved with your first names.

Closed in a transparent food contact pouch and forged by a link of your choice, these little presents can be kept for several weeks.


2.90€ the sachet of a biscuit

3.70€ the sachet of a biscuit and a macaron

Bag of 2 Macarons

More rustic and more greedy, these small transparent sachets allow to present 2 generous macaroons.

Choice of customizable colors and flavours, as well as the link to close the pouch (ruban, cord, raffia, organza,…)

Price: 2.50€ per sachet