Always dazzling, dessert tables are popular because they combine generosity, indulgence and sharing.

Whether for your wedding dessert, for the brunch the next day, for your children’s birthday, their christenin their communions, a cousinade, a meeting, … the dessert table is ready for every occasion to celebrate the life.

Customizable according to your desires, we will make every effort to extend the coherence with the atmosphere and the decoration of the rest of your Day, the place, …

The principle is simple, you need:

  • A support (a table, a piece of furniture, a barrel, a ladder, …)
  • Several pastries of your choice
  • Presentation supports (wooden cases, foot servers, trays, …)
  • Possibly some decorative elements (signs, vegetation, garland of pennants, light garland, inflated balloons …)

Symbolically, many married couples choose to place a cake in the center of the table to be able to honor the tradition of cutting the cake, (most of the time, they plan for half a piece of cake per person, and 2 or 3 sweets to complete). Of course, it is also possible to have only sweets.

To find out about all the sweets we offer, go to the link:


While waiting to make many dessert buffets this summer, we have exceptionally drawn a few images on the internet to give you ideas.

Dessert tables must be stored indoors or under cover and brought at the last moment by you or your caterer.

We only provide pastries. You will therefore need to provide for the other elements: the support, the decoration, …

Optionally, we can make certain dishes / presentation supports available to you free of charge and against a deposit check. They will take us back to the store the following week.

The prices depend on the pastries you choose to dress your buffet. Do not hesitate to consult the “Our Creations” pages to discover our entire range with our prices.

The installation of your desserts can be carried out by you if you wish. In this case, we deliver the desserts in pastry boxes. You will therefore have to dispose of them.

We are also able to provide this service. In other words, install all of the pastries by arranging them elegantly on your supports.

The installation package by us is charged at € 50, it does not include the installation of your decoration which we let you take care of (you or your decorator).