Small gourmet sweets, our mignardises are appreciated for the variety of flavors they offer, thus enticing as many people as possible.

In addition to a small portion of cake, on a dessert buffet where served on the plate, on a piece mounted in wood, they adapt to all your projects.

Naturally, like all the products presented on this site, everything is made House from A to Z!

Sweet macaroons

Photo credit: Esther MOULET

Recipe made from Italian Meringue, our macaroons have made the reputation of the house! A thin, crisp shell surrounds a generous, melting heart. Very concerned to offer balanced products, our macaroons are not very sweet and intense in perfume.

All our available flavours:

Vanilla, Coconut, Lemon, Chocolate-Menthe, Coffee, Salted Butter Caramel, Chocolate, Pistachio, Blueberry, Mandarin, Rose, Raspberry, Cassis, Gianduja, Violet, Orange Blossom, Poppy, Mogador (Milk Chocolate – Passion Fruits)

Macaron bulk price: €0.80 per unit

It is possible to present the macaroons on multiple supports available free of charge (for a deposit cheque): Wooden frame, mounted room, foot trays,…

Macaron price presented on a tower/Support : 1,00 euros per unit

To learn more about our mounted pieces: Click Here

Salted macaroons

Served at the cocktail party, or as an accompaniment to your starter, our salted macaroons seduce with their originality.

They are delivered in bulk in pastry boxes. It will then be your caterer, or you even put them on trays or directly on plates.


€1.20 a Foie-Gras macaroon

€0.80 per Pesto-Chèvre macaroon


A French pastry, this rectangular cupcake made from almond powder and egg whites, is extremely fluffy. It is also very greedy because made from hazelnut butter.

We offer them in four flavours:

  • Almond
  • Cherry
  • Pistachio
  • Coconuts / Green Lemon

Price: 0.70 euros per unit

Panna Cotta

Our interpretation of this Italian Dessert known to all, is very light and unsweetened. Presented in the form of glasses, it is very easy to take them away to devour them (ideal for cocktail dinners). They complement the plates of cakes because they bring a creamy texture and a lot of freshness at the end of the meal.

We have two versions:

  • Red Fruits
  • Exotic Fruits

Price: €0.95 per unit


An American specialty, the Brownie is regressive and addictive. Ours do not deviate from the rule with a composition to make the most greedy shudder:

  • Heart Intense Dark Chocolate
  • Pecans
  • Mega Dark Chocolate Nuggets

We offer them in two formats:

  • The Heart Brownies (very hearty, they are worth 2 small mignardises)
  • The Brownies Minis

Brownie Heart Rate: €1.20 per unit

Mini Brownie rate: €0.40 per unit


Originally from the French Channel, the cupcake is a soft one presented in a paper crate, topped with a creamy or curd of fruit and always topped with an aerial cream in the form of topping.

We have several flavours on the menu:

  • Tiramisu
  • Red fruit (depending on season)
  • Lemon
  • Caramel Salted Butter
  • Blueberry (depending on season)
  • Pistachio
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry (depending on season)
  • Mogador (Chocolate / Passion Fruits)

We offer them in two formats:

  • The Big Cupcakes (hearty, a cupcake serves as dessert in its own right)
  • Mini Cupcakes

Big Cupcake fare: €3.00 per unit

Mini Cupcake rate: €1.50 per unit

Minimum of 20 units per Selected Flavour


Delicious butter cookies filled with jam and enhanced with a veil of icing sugar, these little shortbreads will bring back good memories for many of your guests.

We turn them into two flavours:

  • Raspberry
  • Apricot

Price: €0.70 per unit

Minis Eclairs

A must-have in French pastry, the flashes are made up of an elongated cabbage paste filled with a silky cream inside. Traditionally, they are covered with a frosting called fondant.

Largely modernized in recent years by the new generation of pastry chefs, they are now available with more originality both in flavor and aesthetics.

To sharpen your curiosity and bring relief to this dessert, we have declined it in 3 unsym consensual versions:

  • Mogador: Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit Association
  • Isfahan: Raspberry Association, Rose Water and Litchi
  • Cassis: Intense and silky cream with blackcrows

Only one format available: MiniSEclairs

Price: €1.90 per unit

Minimum of 20 units per Selected Flavour

Minis Bouchées

Minimalists these little bites go to the essentials. A soft financial base, a light and fragrant cream on top, fruit, a twist and here we go!

They vary according to the season in different flavors:

  • Red Fruits
  • Exotic Fruits
  • Chocolate/Nuts
  • Caramelized Pears

Price: €0.60 per unit

Minimum of 20 units per Selected Flavour


Soft and melting, our dark chocolate truffles are coated with a thin film of crunchy chocolate and cocoa.

To be left in self-service in sweets for example

Price: 7.00 euros per 250 grams (about 25 pieces)


The fruit crumble, also known as crisps in Canada, is a British-origin dessert consisting of a layer of fruit in the bottom of the dish, and a layer of crumbled-looking dough, also called breadcrumbs, hence the name: in English to crumble which means “Fall to crumbs”

The traditional recipe is apples. But many other variants are possible.

At Invitation to Delight, we offer the following versions in mini format:

  • Apple Crumble
  • Pear and Chocolate Crumble
  • Crumble Pineapple, Coconuts
  • Red Fruit Crumble

Only one format available: The Mini Crumbles presented in two containers of your choice:

  • Bamboo cones (supports available to present them, to be brought back later)
  • Bamboo ramekins

Price: €0.70 per unit

Minimum of 20 units per Selected Flavour


The Cannelé is a soft and tender Bordeaux cake, flavoured with rum and vanilla, in the shape of a fluted cylinder, baked in a mould originally made of copper, which gives it a thin caramelized crust.

Price: €0.40 / Mini fluted

Price: 0.70 / Medium flute

Price: €1.00 / Big Flute (Generally marketed size)

Mini Tartelettes

The Pie is one of the oldest pastries. The pastry chefs began by making salty, then sweet, pies, which were very successful.

It is characterized by two main features:

  • A paste (sweet about us)
  • A garnish

Here are the versions we offer in individual format (mini tarts):

  • Lemon Meringué (Lemon Curd, Italian Meringue passed to the Chalumeau
  • Caramelita (Caramel Cream, Milk Chocolate with Perigord Nuts and Pecans)
  • Chocolate (Intense Dark Chocolate Cream, very melting)
  • Strawberry (depending on season) (Light White Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Strawberries)
  • Raspberry (depending on the season) (Light White Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Raspberries)

Price: 1.70 euros per unit

Minimum of 25 units per Selected Flavour

Fruit pasta

Fruit paste is a confection made from fruit cooked with sugar and possibly pectin (when the fruit does not contain enough). Cut into squares, it is originally a method of preserving the flesh of fruit, hence its name “Dry Jam”.

Unsweetened and very intense in fruit, they will delight the fine palate!

Often presented on candy bars, don’t be surprised to see very large children revel in it

Available flavours:

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Pear
  • Mango

Price: 10.00 euros for 30 pieces


Revisiting the traditional Nonnette de Dijon, these little soft, honey-scented (produced by us) are filled with jam.

We make three variants:

  • Red Fruits
  • Apricot
  • Fig

Price: €0.70 per unit

Minimum of 6 units per selected flavour

Tender Nougat

Confectionery made with egg white, honey and almonds. It is a typical speciality of the city of Montélimar, which we revisited with our own honey from Acacia Tilleul.

Subtle and very tender, you will have to be wary of its very addictive side.

Ideal for candy bars

Price: 0.40 euros per square nougat

Chocolate mousse

This dessert is generally well known to chocolate lovers!

Our interpretation offers a very light and airy texture absolutely anything but dense and oily. One of the secrets lies in the rigorous choice of a quality dark chocolate, low sweet and rich in cocoa.

Price: 1.20 euros per unit


Like the flashes mentioned above, the cabbages are composed of a cabbage paste and filled with a silky cream inside. Traditionally, they are covered with a frosting called fondant.

We offer a chic and elaborate version of the Individual Chocolate Cabbage:

  • Cabbage paste with cocoa cracker
  • Intense chocolate dark cream
  • Plastic Chocolate Disc on Top
  • 24 Carats food gold leaf sparkle

Price: 1.50 euros per unit

Minimum of 30 units

Fruit salads

Bringing freshness to the end of a meal is always a source of success.

It is therefore natural that we offer individual salads of fresh fruit (and local whenever possible).

Depending on the season, we offer fruit salads:

  • Strawberries / Basil / Lemon
  • Red Fruits (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Redfish, Blueberries)
  • Mango / Passion Fruit / Pineapple / Mint
  • Exotic Fruits (Ananas, Mango, Green Lemon, Coco, Kiwis)

Price: 1.50 euros per unit presented in glass


Light and melting, our marshmallows are not very sweet and intense in flavour.

We recommend presenting them on a candy bar, or in a candy store.

They come in 7 flavours: Mint, Pear, Cassis, Raspberry, Coconut, Green Apple, Passion Fruits

Price: 10.00 euros per 40 pieces or 0.30 euros per unit