If you literally translate the word “Naked Cake,” you get “Naked Cake.It’s pretty good, because that’s exactly what it’s all about!

Here, no sugar paste or ganache in contour, the fluffy biscuit must be apparent. This style of dessert is part of a very popular minimalist approach at the moment.  

In recent years they have become the stars of the country themes thanks to their rustic and very inviting rendering.


The composition of this type of dessert is always structured in the same way: 

A soft cake + three coats of toppings

Here Sweet Vanilla with Fruity Ganache with Cassis / Coconut Creamer / Curd Acid Citron


We offer two different types of fluffy. These are intended to accompany the fillings and therefore want to be lightweight in texture and flavor. Our goal is not to saturate the palate with too much simultaneous information. 

 Watch out for the NAKED cakes, the fluffy is VISIBLE. It is therefore IMPORTANT to consider its color. 

Soft vanilla from Madagascar

Fluffy dark chocolate origin


 We offer twelve types of fillings with very different sensations in the mouth. For some, it is the gluttony and roundness that will be in the spotlight and for others it is the freshness and the tonicity that emerge. You have to play and compose, they will do the rest!

Curd lemon Acidulé

Ganache mounted very light white chocolate

Creamy coconut

Curd fruity PEAR

Light and intense pistachio ganache

Fruity blackcurrant ganache

Intense creamy dark chocolate

Curd fruity raspberry

Light cream at the Café

Curd Acidulé passion fruit

Curd fruity pineapple

Light creamy and Praline Gourmand


We can distinguish several types of Naked cakes, defined according to the amount of light vanilla cream that coats them. 

Naked Cake

Totally nude cake, no cream surfacing, everything is apparent. Very raw appearance.

Naked Cake

Semi Naked Cake

Semi cake covered with cream. The layers of fluffy are always apparent but not totally nude. Cream and Biscuit are as visible as the other. Rustic appearance.

Semi Naked Cake

Semi Cream Cake

Cake largely covered with cream. The biscuit remains apparent in small touches, but the surface of cream dominates. Chic rustic appearance.

Semi Cream Cake

To the extent of your possibilities, we strongly encourage you to book a tasting session. This moment will allow you to taste all the creams and softness that we offer and thus to be able to compose your cake in perfect harmony with your taste buds! 

Learn more about tastings

Semi Cream Cake

The coating cream, more or less present, is sensitive to heat, it requires a storage in a refrigerated enclosure or in a relatively cool room (no temperature above 22 °c type cellar or shed in a stone building). 

To prevent it from being too cold and to allow it to regain all its smoothness, it is imperative to take the cake out of the cool at least 1 hour before the service. If it has been stored in a cool room but not as cold as a refrigerator, this step is not necessary. 

If you have a little cake left after the meal, the gourmands will have up to 5 days to do it! (Just think about filming the started part, putting it in the fridge and taking out the cake 1 hour before so that it has developed all its aromas and found its fluffy). 

At Invitation to delight, we offer a custom design process for your cake. Every wedding cake gets our attention, so our prices reflect the personalized service and high-end service we offer to each of our customers. 

However, we always try to respond to different budgets. 

Please note that for this type of storey cakes, the minimum order is 36 parts.  

The price of our Naked cakes is offered to the share. Whether the finish chosen is nude, or covered with cream the price is the same.

FullNaked cake or semi naked Cake
ou semi Cream cake
Without flower$6.00
With Sugar flowers *$7.50

* 1 sugar flower included for 10 pieces of cake purchased. Beyond that, each extra sugar flower – $15

Would you like to complete the cake with mignardises or another dessert (already planned by your caterer, or brought by the family…)?

No problem, we can consider planning half a piece of cake. This compromise allows to be able to afford both a beautiful and good cake, while limiting the cost.  You are free to complete with other delicacies of your choice. 

1/2 PARTNaked cake or semi naked Cake
ou semi Cream cake
Without flower$3.00
With Sugar flowers *$3.75

* 1 sugar flower included for 20 halves of pieces of cake purchased. Beyond that, each extra sugar flower – $15

Some additional elements can lead to an extra cost such as red fruits, gold leaf…

Red fruits or fresh seasonal fruits

Package: between 15 and 25 euros depending on the desired amount

Semi Naked Cake with red Fruits

24 carat food gold leaf fragments

Package: between 10 and 20 euros depending on the desired amount

Semi Naked Cake with fragments of 24 carat food gold leaf

Topping dripping on the edges of cakes

Package: between 10 and 20 euros depending on the desired amount

Semi Naked Cake with pink Topping Blush flowing