By definition, this is “the” wedding cake. He has been a must in France for some years, but must face a stubborn reputation that calls him indigestible, bourrative, or too sweet…

Lucy won’t hide it from you, at the very beginning (8 years ago), she was not convinced either! Much more beautiful than good, it took him 2 years to develop the famous vanilla mellow recipe that has since reconciled hundreds of people with this cake that has become tasty, mellow and airy.

This was followed by gourmet and fruity creams, a mellow chocolate, an expensive but super quality sugar paste (finished the thick layer very sweet and chemical that everyone leaves out)…

In short, a lot of patience and research for a result in agreement with our discerning French palaces and a balance of flavors and sugar respected.

Its popularity is such that now it is no longer reserved exclusively for weddings. It is available for all your events type birthdays, baptisms, communions,…


The composition of this type of dessert is always structured in the same way: 

A soft cake + three coats of toppings

Here Sweet Vanilla with Ganache Fruitée Cassis / Creamy Coconut / Curd Acid Lemon


 We offer two different types of fluffy. These are intended to accompany the fillings and therefore want to be lightweight in texture and flavor. Our goal is not to saturate the palate with too much simultaneous information. 

Soft vanilla from Madagascar

Fluffy dark chocolate origin


 We offer twelve types of fillings with very different sensations in the mouth. For some, it is the gluttony and roundness that will be in the spotlight and for others it is the freshness and the tonicity that emerge. You have to play and compose, they will do the rest!

Curd lemon Acidulé

Ganache mounted very light white chocolate

Creamy coconut

Curd fruity PEAR

Light and intense pistachio ganache

Fruity blackcurrant ganache

Intense creamy dark chocolate

Curd fruity raspberry

Light cream at the Café

Curd Acidulé passion fruit

Curd fruity pineapple

Light creamy and Praline Gourmand


The wedding cakes with sugar paste are topped with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache before being covered with Fondant to obtain sharp edges and net. The bitterness of dark chocolate helps to soften the sweetness of the sugar paste. The balance of flavours is respected.  

The wedding cakes with Crème are covered with a layer of light vanilla cream. Depending on the desired effect, this cream can be sculpted for a natural, deconstructed or smooth effect. 

To the extent of your possibilities, we strongly encourage you to book a tasting session. This moment will allow you to taste all the creams and softness that we offer and thus to be able to compose your cake in perfect harmony with your taste buds! 

Learn more about tastings


The sugar paste that coats the desserts fears moisture and thermal shocks. Refrigerated spaces are therefore forbidden (e.g. cold room, refrigerated trailer, positive Cabinet,..). Kept in bad conditions it is feared that the sugar paste will melt, to inflate and even to suinter. 

A contrario, no question of exposing a cake outdoors in direct sunlight for several hours by 40 °c. There too, the cake will evolve badly with risks of sagging, risks of accelerated bacterial evolution. The moment of the cut would become very unpleasant (creams that will tend to flow, melt for a rendering very unaesthetic in the plate) not to mention the tasting that would be much less appreciated.

No, the ideal for our cakes with this type of blanket is a storage at room temperature in a building. A cellar, a cellar, a shed, or directly in the room of your reception (when you choose to expose it in order to enjoy all your guests), all these options are ideal. For the sake of space, safety and warmth linked to the multiple cooking, we do not recommend storing the cake in the kitchen used for the preparation of your meal.

Our cakes are stable, they have been designed to hold several hours and even several days at room temperature without alteration. If you still have some cake after the meal, the gourmands will have up to 5 days to take care of it! (Just think about filming the part that was started, to prevent the air from making it too dry). 

Every wedding cake gets our attention, so our prices reflect the personalized service and high-end service we offer to each of our customers. It should be noted that this type of dessert requires us between 20 and 30 hours of work per production. 

However, we always try to respond to different budgets. 

Attention. For this type of cakes with floors, the minimum order is 36 parts.  

The price of our wedding cakes is offered on the part and this one varies according to the difficulty of the cake requested.  The more decorative food details are requested, the more time we will spend designing it and the more expensive it will be. 

For this type of dessert specifically, we often have to draw several sketches of your future cake. This step helps you visualize your dessert and make a choice between different proposals (color, pattern,…).

 We offer 4 fare formulas:


Basic formula:

Includes a cake covered with sugar paste (coloured or not).

Discovery formula


Basic formula

+ 1 decorative sugar detail (polka dots style, lace, stencil, glitter, quilted effect, glossy effect…)

Elegance formula


Basic formula

+ 2 decorative details in sugar (polka dots style, lace, stencil, glitter, quilted effect, glossy effect…)

Volupté formula


Basic formula

+ 3 decorative details in sugar (polka dots style, lace, stencil, glitter, quilted effect, glossy effect…)

Enchantment formula
Without flowers€7.50€8.00€8.50€9.00
With flowers in sugar * €8.50€9.00€9.50€10.00
REDUCED SHAREDiscoveryElegancePleasureEnchantment
Without flowers€5.20€5.50€6.00€6.30
With flowers in sugar * €6.20€6.50€7.00€7.30
HALF PARTDiscoveryElegancePleasureEnchantment
Without flowers€3.80€4.20€4.50€4.80
With flowers in sugar * €4.80€5.20€5.5€5.80

1 Sugar flower included for 20 slices of cake purchased. Beyond that, each extra sugar flower – €20


Would you like to complete the cake with a piece mounted with macaroons, or mignardises or another dessert (already planned by your caterer, or brought by the family…)? Do you feel that at the end of the meal, not all guests have dessert and that it is not wise to plan portions too large? 

No problem, we can consider planning a small share or half of the slice of cake. This compromise allows you to be able to afford both a nice and good cake, while limiting the cost.  It is up to you to complete with other delicacies of your choice if you wish. 

Some other decorations such as a cascade of sugar flowers, for example, or edible gold leaves (24 carats) will be invoiced as a supplement. 

It is also possible to consider that one or more layers of cake are dummy. The cost depends on the diameter of the cake, but it usually takes between 30 and 50 euros per dummy floor. 

All our cake floors have a height of 12 cm whether they are dummy or real.



Wedding cake with cream

The cream as a coating requires a whole other preferential treatment. 

Sensitive to heat, it requires a storage in a refrigerated enclosure or in a very cool room (type cellar or shed in a stone building). 

To prevent it from being too cold and to allow it to regain all its smoothness, it is imperative to take the cake out of the cool at least 1 hour before the service. If it has been stored in a cool room but not as cold as a refrigerator, this step is not necessary.

Here too, if you still have some cake after the meal, the gourmands will have up to 5 days to take care of it! (Just think about filming the part that was started, putting it in the fridge and taking the cake out 1 hour before it developed all its aromas and recovered its softness). 

FullLight vanilla cream
Without flowers$6.00
With flowers in sugar *$7.00
REDUCED SHARELight vanilla cream
Without flowers$4.30
With flowers in sugar *$5.30
HALF PARTLight vanilla cream
Without flowers$3.20
With flowers in sugar *$4.20

1 Sugar flower included for 20 slices of cake purchased. Beyond that, each extra sugar flower – $20