We only organize tastings on reservation. This moment is according to us, the best way to start a cake project like Wedding cake or Naked cake. These meetings take place next to our laboratory and our shop in NOJALS and CLOTTE

Very complete, these individual appointments of about 1:00 will allow you at first to taste all our fluffy, and all our creams(moreover we recommend you to come the light stomach). Indeed, we will not ask you beforehand to pre-select flavors because we prefer to surprise you with perfumes that on paper might not have attracted you. By having the choice to taste everything on the spot, you are certain to find the ideal combination genuinely in accordance with your tastes. 

Beyond reassure you about the flavors, this moment of sharing is precious and facilitates the taking of knowledge. It allows us to better understand your expectations, your desires and so to accompany you in the best conditions. 

Many exposed cakes will help you to visualize the different structures possible for your cake (number of floors, height, diameters,…)


 We will discuss logistics (conservation, presentation, trays,..), delivery, cutting and booking process.

Finally, it will also talk about the aesthetic aspect of your dessert. Photo Books of our creations will be available to browse but do not hesitate to bring back some inspirations of desserts that you like. It is also rewarding for us to know your invitations, your decoration,… These elements help us to soak up your universe and thus offer you a cake consistent with your whole day. 

The tasting is initially planned for 2 people. It includes: 4 slices of cake + 3 macaroons + 2 drinks

Tasting Price
€40.00 (payable on site)

Upcoming Appointment :

  • Friday, October 25 th 2024 : 10.30am or 1.30pm or 3.30pm
  • Saturday, October 26 th 2024 : 10.30am or 1.30pm or 3.30pm
  • Sunday, October 27 th 2024 : 10.30am or 1.30pm or 3.30pm
  • Monday, October 28 th 2024 : 10.30am or 1.30pm or 3.30pm